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What can Somerset Solders offer you?

More than just Solders

One word sums it up………. CHEMISTRY! Yes, the combination of the right alloy with the right flux, but also the chemistry of you with the right supplier. We can offer you a large range of excellent products, backed by our friendly caring service, and technical assistance.

A vast range of solders, fluxes, and soldering equipment to handle the job and hundreds of ESD products, including our ESD Workwear range, for static control and hand tools in stock for quick delivery.

So check out our Solders and so much more and we hope to be of assistance.


ESD, or Electrostatic Discharge, is an effect we may all experience when simply removing an article of clothing, but a static buildup and discharge when working with electronics can cause potential damage to components and latent failure of the printed circuit board.

Here at Somerset Solders, we stock hundreds of products to assist in producing a safe environment for electronics assembly, from bench matting, test equipment, ESD clothing and shoes, hand tools to PCB storage items.

Take the opportunity to remove insulative materials from the work area and make it static-safe for your electronics.   

Assembly Processes

Making the process of manufacturing easier, more productive, more cost-effective, and safer comes down to the choice of tools and consumables used. Supplying the right tool for the right job is very important.

For the soldering process of hand soldering, wave soldering, cable assembly, and safe fume extraction, Somerset Solders have the products. For SMT assembly from solder paste printing and component placement, Somerset Solders have the products.  

Somerset Workwear

Visit our sister brand website Somerset Workwear for quality industrial clothing and shoes. For electronic manufacturers, construction, services, and utility businesses to the medical profession, Somerset Workwear can provide the answer.

Check out our polo shirts, fleeces, hoodies, coats, jackets, and work trousers not forgetting our industrial gloves and safety boots. For the caring professions see our great scrubs range. 1000's of garments in stock.

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