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Atten ST80 80W Soldering StationAtten ST80 80W Soldering Station
Atten ST80 80W Soldering Station
£108.75 ex VAT(£130.50 inc VAT)
ESD LED Magnifying Lamp 9003ESD LED Magnifying Lamp 9003
ESD LED Magnifying Lamp 9003
from £175.00 ex VAT(£210.00 inc VAT)

Licron Crystal permanent ESD CoatingLicron Crystal permanent ESD Coating
Licron Crystal permanent ESD Coating
£32.60 ex VAT(£39.12 inc VAT)
ESD SMD component racks for 180mm reelsESD SMD component racks for 180mm reels
ESD SMD component racks for 180mm reels
from £2.95 ex VAT(£3.54 inc VAT)

PCB Rack with 42 slotsPCB Rack with 42 slots
PCB Rack with 42 slots
£36.60 ex VAT(£43.92 inc VAT)
BOFA V250 fume extraction unitBOFA V250 fume extraction unit
BOFA V250 fume extraction unit
£622.66 ex VAT(£747.19 inc VAT)


New website for 2019

We're pleased to say that our new website has set sail in the wide ocean of the world wide web! Somerset Solders, and before that MR Technical...


At Somerset solders, our product offering is split into 4 sections - #ESD clothing and equipment, #soldering produc…
21st Nov @ 09:21


A simple fume extraction idea

Well it is a while since I put fingers to keyboard and posted a snippet or two but I thought I'd let you know a bit more about the options of...