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Solders & Fluxes

Solders & Fluxes
Soft solder soldering is a low temperature method of joining metals as opposed to brazing and welding. The combination of a solder alloy, flux, and localised heat will produce a joint and the choice of the solder alloy and flux chemistry is vital dependent on the metals being soldered and the application. Soldering is used in many applications from electronics for soldering components, whether through-hole or SMT (Surface Mount Technology), onto PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and metal fabrication soldering requiring a high active flux and high heat input. Somerset Solders stock a wide range of solders from low-temperature tin-bismuth alloys, leaded and lead-free solders to HMP (high melting point) alloys and fluxes for soldering to copper, brass, mild steel, zinc, tin, and stainless steel.
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