Qualitek 618D lead free solder paste syringes

618D Leaded Solder Paste


618D Leaded Solder Paste

MPN: 618D

A lead free solder paste from Qualitek for small quantity SMT component soldering. For hand or machine dispensing. 

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pdf618D data sheet and Reflow profile

Size Piston & Plunger... Solder paste...
Yes Type 3 £17.68
No Type 3 £17.68
Yes Type 4 £20.75
No Type 4 £20.75
Yes Type 3 £24.75
No Type 3 £24.75
Yes Type 4 £27.60
No Type 4 £27.60
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Product Description

A lead free solder paste available in a syringe for easy dispensing when soldering SMT components of printed circuit boards. The Qualitek 618D is a SAC305 Tin Silver Copper standard solder paste lead free alloy combined with an excellent no clean flux.

Excellent wetting and tack life

Available as a Type 3 and Type 4 powder size

No cleaning required

Available with a piston and plunger for hand dispensing or without for automatic dispensing machines


Alloy: Tin 96.5% Silver 3% Copper 0.5%
Metal Content: 86%
Flux: No Clean (ROL0)
Recommended needle gauge: Type 3 (Gauge 23), Type 4 (Gauge 25)
Bellcore compliant
Pin testable post solder residues

See our range of Dispensing Needles at this link:




Safety Data Sheet CLP


I'm unsure of the difference in a Type 3 solder paste and a Type 4 solder paste. Are different pastes used for different surface mount component soldering?

Solder paste types are based on the solder powder carefully graded to produce a powder with a predominant particle size. A Type 3, which is probably the most common size, is used for fine-pitch components at or above 0.5 mm (0.020") pitch. It has >80% particle size of 25 - 45 um. AType 4 solder paste is typically used for fine-pitch components below 0.5 mm (0.020") pitch and is made up of >90% of 20 - 38um powder particles.

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