Qualitek 825 Lead Free Solder Paste

Qualitek 825 solder paste


Qualitek 825 solder paste


A Halogen Free Lead Free solder paste for 'Greener Electronics'. Available in 250g and 500g jars.

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Qualitek 825 Lead Free Solder Paste

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Product Description

In response to the SMT industry push towards a Halogen Free requirement, Qualitek have developed the 825HF lead free solder paste. With advanced activators the 825HF meets PCB reliability and environmental and health concerns, and with a halogen-free chemistry produces matching activity levels for oxide removal and solder wetting, as halogen-contained solder pastes.

Excellent wetting on all PCB surfaces

Superior resistance to hot slump

Available as a type 3 and type 4 SAC305 solder paste 

No clean Halogen Free flux

Reflow Profile

Qualitek 825 solder paste reflow profile


No Clean Halogen Free flux
Flux classification: ROL0
Alloy: SAC305 Tin Silver Copper (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5)
Metal loading: 88.5%
Melting range: 217 - 219°C
Peak reflow temperature range: 230 - 249°C
Stencil life: > 8 hours
Processable by Reflow IR or forced convection and Vapour phase

No clean solder paste. If cleaning is required use a buffered saponifier such as the Everkleen 1005 in hot water to remove residues.


Safety Data Sheet CLP

Safety Data Sheet

  • Alloy: Lead Free Solder

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