Manual PCB Depaneling Tools ESD Version

PCB tab remover with dissipative handles


PCB tab remover with dissipative handles

Item: DPND+


The ESD version of the Piergiacomi hand depaneling tool for easy PCB removing from a routed panel.

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Manual PCB Depaneling Tools ESD Version

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Product Description

A manual plier PCB depaneling tool manufactured by Piergiacomi. This tool enables the quick break out of circuit boards in a mother panel by cutting through the 'tab' in a clean action. No residual PCB laminate tab will remain if the correct width blade is used so giving a well finished cut surface.

Stocked in 4 different blade widths

Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip

ESD dissipative version (see also insulative orange handle version)



How to use the PCB depaneler

The use of the DP manual depaneling tool is very easy and follow this simple guide for effective PCB depaneling.

Select the correct depanel tool. This is based on the PCB router width your PCB supplier would have used to rout the motherboard.

1. Insert the tool in to the rout path 


2. Slide the blade along the routed slot in the open jaw direction, shown by the arrow, until reaching the tab (isthmus) to be removed. 


3. With the tab in the tool jaws, press the handle together. The necessary force to use has been calculated to be from 3 to 7kg depending on model. 



Tool Length: 147mm
Cutting force (kg): SEE BELOW
Handles: Dissipative Bimaterial 
Resistance: Tip to handles = 10(10) - 10(12) ohms

DP15ND    Blade: 1.50mm    Length: 147mm    Cutting Force: 3 Kg
DP20ND    Blade: 2.00mm    Length: 147mm    Cutting Force: 3 Kg
DP24ND    Blade: 2.40mm    Length: 147mm    Cutting Force: 7 Kg
DP25ND    Blade: 2.50mm    Length: 147mm    Cutting Force: 7 Kg


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