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Tin Lead solder wire with rosin free flux

Tin Lead solder wire NC601

Tin Lead solder wire NC601

MPN: NC601-60-40

A Qualitek solder wire with the NC601 flux core with a Tin Lead alloy solder. The NC601 is a colophony free flux and is the product to use in health and safety situations where rosin is not to be used.

  • A firm favourite in the Qualitek range of solders
  • With a 1.1% rosin free flux core
  • Simple residue removal if required 


Flux & Alloy: NC601 60/40 Tin Lead

NC601 Sn100eNC601 60/40 Tin LeadNC601 SAC305
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Product Description

With the majority of electronic assembly now being RoHS compliant, for exempt industries the Qualitek NC601 Tin Lead solder wire still is the first choice. The NC601 flux core is a rosin free flux (colophony free) and is ideal for Health and Safety non-use of rosin recommendations. The No Clean flux residues are non-corrosive and non-conductive but if required to clean then a simple brush-off or warm water rinse can be done.

Supplied on 500g Reels

A No Clean Colophony free 1.1% flux

Excellent solder wetting properties

Easy clean flux residues by brushing

Customer Reviews

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"It does what it says on the tin (no pun !). The solder was the size it was supposed to be, the weight it was supposed to be. What else can one write on a review when asked to do one?"
Star Rating 5
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"Very pleased with the product and it's prompt delivery in theses difficult times."
Star Rating 5
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"Great product. Would recommend."
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Flux: NC601 Synthetic flux. Classification: ORL0
No Clean Colophony free flux core content 1.1%
Alloy: Tin 60% Lead 40% 
Melting Range : 183 - 191°C

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Tin Lead solder wire with rosin free flux