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Lead Free Solder Wire SAC305 NC601 flux

Colophony free Lead Free solder wire

Colophony free Lead Free solder wire

MPN: NC601-305

A rosin free lead free solder wire for PCB soldering. Being Colophony Free is very desirable for health and safety reasons.

  • A SAC305 (Tin Silver Copper alloy)
  • No clean fully synthetic colophony free flux
  • Excellent wetting properties

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Flux & Alloy: NC601 SAC305

NC601 Sn100eNC601 60/40 Tin LeadNC601 SAC305
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Product Description

If you are looking for a Lead Free Solder Wire that is ideal for PCB soldering, that is rosin free (colophony free) but with a wetting performance similar to rosin activated flux, then the Qualitek NC601 fluxed core SAC305 Tin Silver Copper solder is the one to use. Classed as a 'No Clean' solder wire any flux residues can be very easily removed with warm DI Water or simply brushed off.

Supplied on 500g Reels (0.25mm is supplied as a 250g reel)

A No Clean Colophony free 2.2% flux

Excellent solder wetting properties

A melting range of between 217 - 219° C


Flux: NC601 Synthetic flux. Classification: ORL0
No Clean Colophony free flux core content 2.2%
Alloy: SAC305 (LF965-30) Lead Free alloy Tin 96.5% Silver 3.0% Copper 0.5%
Melting Range: 217- 219°C

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