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High Melting Point Solder Wire 0.8mm

Qualitek HMP Solder Wire with an active rosin flux

Qualitek HMP Solder Wire with an active rosin flux


An HMP solder wire from Qualitek in a 0.81mm gauge. Used for high-temperature soldering and for extremely low-temperature applications.

  • Active rosin-based flux
  • For when electronics are in high-temperature environments
  • Tin Lead Silver alloy with melting range at 296 - 301°C 


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Gauge: 0.8mm flux cored

1.60mm solid core0.8mm flux cored
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Product Description

A high melting point (HMP) solder alloy with an active rosin cored flux for high activity and surface wetting. Manufactured by Qualitek International the HMP solder wire is available in a 0.81mm gauge. HMP solders can be used for very low temperatures down to -200°C remaining ductile unlike high tin solder alloys which can become brittle.

Lead Tin Silver alloy with melting range of 296 - 301°C

A solder wire gauge of 0.81mm

Supplied on 500g Reels with a 2.2% flux core

Cleaning of flux residues not neccessary but can be cleaned if required


Flux: RA300 Rosin flux. Classification: ROM1
Flux core content 2.2%
Gauge: 0.81mm (0.032") Std wire gauge: 21
Alloy: Lead 93.5% Tin 5.0% Silver 1.5%
Melting Range: 296 - 301°C
Residue removal: Not required. Use Qualitek Everkleen Saponifier if required

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