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BOFA Heavy Duty Pre-Filter A1030101

The heavy duty filter for the BOFA V200 and V250

MPN: A1030101

A heavy duty pre-filter for use with heavier than normal soldering fume particles. For use with the BOFA V200, V250 and FumeCAB 250. Supplied as a pack of 5.

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BOFA Heavy Duty Pre-Filter A1030101

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Product Description

The A1030101 filter is the first stage of filtration for the V200, V250 and the FumeCAB 250 BOFA extraction units and designed to help extend the life of the HEPA/Gas main filter. The filter pad is supported in to a cardboard case which fits in to the top of the BOFA extraction unit.

Supplied as pack of 5

75% removal of 10um particles

Use with the BOFA fume extractors V200, V250 and FumeCAB 250


Pre Filter
Media:    Filter pad
Construction:    Supported filter pad mounted in a cardboard case
Efficiency:    75% @ 10 microns


What is the life of the A1030099 HEPA Gas filter and how often should it be changed?

The life of the BOFA A1030099 combined filter depends on how much soldering is carried out. If for example soldering is performed for 6 hours a day then a change should be considered after 9 - 12 months. The carbon absorbs moisture so regardless of the length of time soldering the HEPA Gas filter should be changed after no longer than 12 months.The life of the combined filter will be assisted by the change of the Pre-filter (A1030102).


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From Soldering Irons, Stations and Rework Equipment to Cutters and PCB Depanel tools. Fume Extraction units stocked.

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BOFA Heavy Duty Pre-Filter A1030101