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Antistatic Polyimide Tape 6mm

ESD polyimide high temperature tape


Low voltage generating tape for high temperature masking. 6mm width on 33 metre rolls.

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Antistatic Polyimide Tape 6mm

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Product Description

Antistatic Polyimide kapton tape film is an acrylic adhesive tape used for where masking of temperature sensitive components is required. With a high maximum temperature of 250°C Polyimide kapton tape is ideal for soldering PCBs through a wave soldering process. Antistatic properties produce a maximum generated voltage of lower than 50V unwinding and peel off of the tape. Tested to ASTM D 149.

Very low voltage charge generating when unwinding and peeling off

Ideal for PCB masking prior to wave soldering and heat-resistant insulation

No adhesive residue

Available in 33 metre rolls


Base film polyimide tape thickness: 25um (+/-2)
Adhesive type: Acrylic
Total film thickness: 60um (+/-5)
Peel strength: 650 Gf/in (+/-100)

ESD properties at RH 50% & Temp 23°C(+/-3):
Static charge: less than 50V (unwinding and peel off)

Tape width: 6mm
Tape plastic core: 76mm
Tape length: 33 metres


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Antistatic Polyimide Tape 6mm