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Fume Extraction

More than ever our health is paramount and the control and capturing of fumes and particulates is a must. This applies to all of us from the single-person soldering to major production facilities where effective LEV (local exhaust ventilation) should be in place. Employers are legally obliged to control exposure, and though the generation of harmful substances may not be preventable, controlling airborne contaminants in work by extraction can be. Exposure to hazardous substances can affect the body in various ways from skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion and can build up over time. Air purification by fume extraction is vital to prevent long-term exposure and it is not a case of simply venting out through a window or wall. 

BOFA fume extraction systems are designed to capture fumes and particulates safely and effectively, with equipment that has been produced with specialist knowledge.  BOFA extraction systems are designed for portability and ease of maintenance. So contact us for details or buy online and get the answer to your LEV fume extraction requirement and keep you and your staff safe and well.  

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