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Tip Tinning Powder Lead Free

Qualitek Lead Free Tip Tinner

Qualitek Lead Free Tip Tinner

MPN: Delta Tip Tinner Lead Free

The Qualitek Delta tip tinner with a Lead Free powder gives excellent re-tinned tips. Care for your tips and they will last longer.

  • Convenient sized tin for the workbench
  • Removes caked-on flux residues
  • Re-tin the solder tip regularly for increased heat transfer

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Tip Tinning Powder Lead Free

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Product Description

The Lead-Free Delta tip cleaner, manufactured by Qualitek Inc, is a combination of Tin and flux with thermally stable oxide-reducing compounds. Regular solder tip wiping in to the Tip Tinner compound removes oxides and re-tins the tip for better solder wetting.

Ensures solder tip longer life 

Attach to soldering station with a self-adhesive pad

Minimal fumes and non-corrosive residues

Handy 1 oz. (28g) tin

Customer Reviews

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"Even though I've soldered guitar wiring for years I didn't know about keeping the tip of your iron clean, a wipe on a sponge isn't enough. My tip, despite being a recent replacement, was dull and wasn't able to hold a tinning just from solder itself. This was affecting heat transfer. With Tinning Powder it's a night and day difference, it holds a tinning, heat transfer is very quick, and soldering is so much easier. Wish I had known about this years ago."
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"Excellent product"
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Powder alloy: LF965-30 (SAC305) Tin 96.5% Silver 3% Copper 0.5%
Oxide reducing compound: Monamonium Phosphate

Application method:
With the soldering iron tip at operating temperature wipe the tip on the tip tinning powder surface.
For 15 - 20 seconds, gently rotate the soldering iron to ensure complete tip contact. Leaving for too long can create excessive fumes. Any minimal residues remaining after heating can be removed by wiping on a tip cleaning pad, such as the Xytronic 460, or alternatively a sponge.




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Tip Tinning Powder Lead Free