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Surface Resistivity Meter Kit

Surface Resistivity Meter Kit

Surface Resistivity Meter Kit


An ESD testing kit specifically for surface resistivity and resistance to ground testing.

  • Test meter supplied with weights and leads
  • Supplied in a tough conductive carry case
  • Readily available

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Surface Resistivity Meter Kit

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Product Description

A test kit comprising of a surface resistivity meter, 2.5kg weights and test leads supplied in a conductive carry case. The SRM100 test meter measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground and indicates resistance to half a decade and testing using 10V and 100V to ensure accurate readings are taken. See the USER GUIDE pdf for further test operation information. Connection of weights allows point to point resistance measuring.

Test for surface resistivity and resistance to ground

Meter, weights and leads supplied

Supplied in a strong conductive carry case 

to read coloured LED range

Calibration certificate supplied



Calibration certificate supplied

Meter: Battery operated PP3 9 volt
2 x 3.5mm jack plug for earth connection
Test Range: 10(3) to 10(12)+
Dissipative Range: 3 x 10(5) to 3 x 10(9) 1/2 Decade between each decade on a logarithmic scale
Example: 1 x10(5) x 3.21 = 3 x 10(5) (1/2 Decade Measurement) x 3.21 = 1 x 10(6)

Method of Measurement:
Surface Resistivity (Ohms per square)
Point to Point Resistance (Ohms)
Accuracy :- +/- 0.5 Decade in Conductive Range
+/- 0.25 Decades in Dissipative Range

Method of operation :- Push button
LED indicators:
Green (conductive)
Yellow (Dissipative)
Red (Insulative)

CE approved

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