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Staticide Anti-static spray for fabrics

Antistatic spray for porous surfaces

Antistatic spray for porous surfaces

MPN: 2005

An effective anti-static spray that is safe to use on carpets, clothing and fabrics. Also prevents dust attraction.

  • Can be wiped on, sprayed or dipped 
  • Does not stain and safe to use
  • Decays static in less than 2 seconds

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Brand: 0.94L

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Product Description

The Staticide 2005 is available in a 0.94 litre bottle with spray attachment. Easy to apply by dip or wiping, but the easiest way is to spray on. Spray from 200 - 300mm distance on to the desired surface giving a fine mist of the safe solution. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-staining. Proven effective with very dry air at a relative humidity below 15%. Meets MIL-B-8175 and NFPA-56A electrostatic decay criteria.

The 2005 heavy-duty spray also eliminates:

Dust attraction
Damage to potential sensitive electronic components
Possible ignition of combustible vapours, dust and solvents


The Anti Static sprays are water based and once dried will leave an ultra thin static-dissipative layer which prevents the build up of any static charges.

1 litre will cover approximately 20 square metres.

Static decay rate: less than 2 second
Surface resistance after spraying: 1 x 10(9) to 1 x 10(10) ohms
Solution: Water based, Non Flammable
pH: 7 - 8
Odour: Pleasant
Irritation: None
Toxicity: None

Shelf life: 2 years






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