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Solid core Solder Wire Lead Free 500g

Summit Solder 99C Lead Free 500g reel

Summit Solder 99C Lead Free 500g reel

MPN: 99513

A solid core lead free 99C alloy solder wire for engineering and plumbing soldering. A 500g reel at a great price.

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Solid core Solder Wire Lead Free 500g

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A high purity lead free solder wire in a 99C alloy is an excellent solder for both general soldering and also plumbing applications. 99C Lead Free solder is compatible with most electronic and industrial grade fluxes and is suitable for potable water supplies.

Lead free solder wire for general soldering applications

Also for use on potable water applications

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9453:2014

3.25mm diameter on 500g reel

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This is a solid core solder that does not contain flux. It can be used for industrial applications and plumbing where a liquid flux or flux paste can be applied. Fluxing breaks down oxides and promotes the wetting of the solder. Choosing the correct flux for the application and metals being soldered is important.

Alloy: 99C Tin 99.3% Copper 0.7%
Type: Solid core (no flux)
Gauge: 3.25mm
Reel size: 500g 
Manufactured to BS EN 29453
Melting Point: 227° C


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Solid core Solder Wire Lead Free 500g