Solder wires

Solder wires from Somerset Solders 


Whether your solder wire requirement is for printed circuit board assembly, where you wish to use a no clean solder, a water soluble flux, rosin based or maybe a colophony free (no rosin) solder, here at Somerset Solders Ltd we have the product. From industry leading manufacturers we have stock of solder wires from only a gauge of 0.20mm for ultra fine SMD component soldering to thicker gauges for through hole component work.

For soldering to most metals and where a thin gauge of solder is required, we stock the Activ 8 fluxed solder wire from Warton Metals. In 1.0mm and 2.0mm gauges the acid based flux can solder metals such as brass, bronze, copper, zinc, mild steel, tinned metals and silver. The thin gauges allow intricate soldering of small parts to be done.

Our stock of both leaded and lead free Summit solder wire from AIM in a 3.25mm gauge and a solid core (no flux), is ideal for metal fabrication or plumbing application where a pre-flux would be applied.

Do contact us for samples and technical support for the right choice of solder wire.