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Premium ESD Heel Strap with quick release clip

ESD heel strap with a quick release fastening

ESD heel strap with a quick release fastening


A premium manufactured ESD heel strap with an easy fasten and release clip.

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Premium ESD Heel Strap with quick release clip

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Product Description

An ESD heel strap that can be fastened to non-ESD footwear quickly with a plastic clip fastener. ESD heel straps give a conductive path to ground via an ESD floor mat or ESD flooring. Non-ESD shoes consist of insulated materials so preventing a path to ground of a human body generated charge. ESD heel straps give path to ground when combined with ESD protective flooring. They are easy to fit and secured with a velcro strap across the foot. The conductive ribbon tucks inside the shoe to make contact directly to the skin.

With a single black outer rubber and non-marking white rubber

Manufactured with soft rubber material

Fitted 1 M Ohm safety resistor 

RoHS compliant and manufactured to ESD standards



Customer Reviews

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"Heel strap works well. Wife works in a supermarket and kept getting ESD shocks from the cages. So, bought this and solved the issue right away... saves her a lot of pain every night worth the money."
Star Rating 5


Contruction: Under-sole rubber layer with elasticated back-of-shoe strap.
Fastening: Quick release clip
Black rubber conductivity: 8 x 10(4) ohms
Safety resistor fitted: Yes. 1 Meg Ohm
Colour: Black rubber and elastic. Blue Velcro. Blue foot contact ribbon

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Premium ESD Heel Strap with quick release clipPremium ESD Heel Strap with quick release clip