Medium ESD Picking Bin

Raaco ESD bin 3-160


Raaco ESD bin 3-160

Item: ESD777

MPN: 109291

A medium sized conductive storage bin for small component parts. Stackable for free standing or can be wall mounted.

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Medium ESD Picking Bin

Product Description

Within a static controlled area where small component parts may be used, the use of ESD conductive picking bins is important so that static has a path to ground. Picking bins can be positioned on top of an ESD bench mat or be slotted on to an ESD bin wall louvered panel (with grounding connection). The Raaco picking bins come in 4 sizes and are a strong, stackable storage option.

Medium sized picking bin for small parts

Easily stackable or wall mounted

Surface resistance complies with EN 61340-5-1

Resistivity not effected by temperature or humidity


Medium bin Raaco part 3-160 (109291)
Size: 75 x 125 x 173mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 100g
Load: 5 kg
Volume: 0.0015 m3

Carbon infused polypropylene



Are the Raaco storage bins available in different colours as the current picking bins we have are multi coloured, in red, blue and yellow etc.

ESD plastics are generally black as the plastic is made conductive by adding carbon. As your bins sound as if they are insulative bins they should not be used in static controlled production areas and near ESD work benches. They will not allow static to pass to ground if they are insulative.

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