Anti-Bribery Policy


Anti-Bribery Policy

It is Somerset Solders Ltd Company policy to conduct all of our business, at all times, in an honest and ethical manner. We are committed to ensuring that the Company operates professionally and takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

This policy applies to all levels of staff employed by Somerset Solders Ltd including directors, managers and employees whether being employed on a permanent, fixed term or temporary basis. This also applies to consultants, contractors, suppliers and any business or individual that provides a service to us.

We will not accept or give a bribe to anyone to persuade or reward them to act in a way contrary to this policy and in an improper manner. This includes public officials who will not be influenced to perform their public duties.

Gifts and Hospitality
This policy does not prohibit the giving and receiving of low value promotional gifts and normal and appropriate hospitality. All members of staff must comply with the strong ethics of this Company ensuring any gifts or hospitality are either recorded or brought to the attention of the directors.

No charitable donations will be given for the purpose of gaining any commercial advantage and no donations will be given to political parties.

Record keeping
Company financial records will be kept and maintained to ensure that any payment to a third party has evidence of a business reason for that transaction. All expense claims relating to hospitality, gifts and expenses incurred to third parties specifying the reason for the expenditure. All accounts, invoices and other documents must be completed with accuracy and completeness.

Policy Monitoring
The effectiveness of this policy will be regularly monitored and reviewed. Employees will be encouraged to raise concerns of any issue or suspicion of malpractice. Any concerns will not be detrimental to the employee in any event proven genuine or not genuine.

Further information
For further information and a copy of the ‘Bribery Act 2010 guidance’ can be found at: 


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