High Melting Point Solder Wire

Qualitek HMP Solder Wire


Qualitek HMP Solder Wire


An HMP solder wire in a 0.81mm gauge used for high temperature soldering and for extremely low temperature applications.

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Product Description

A high melting point (HMP) solder alloy with an active rosin cored flux for high activity and surface wetting. Manufactured by Qualitek International the HMP solder wire is available in a 0.81mm gauge. HMP solders can be used for very low temperatures down to -200°C remaining ductile unlike high tin solder alloys which can become brittle.

Lead Tin Silver alloy with melting range of 296 - 301°C

A solder wire gauge of 0.81mm

Supplied on 500g Reels with a 2.2% flux core

Cleaning of flux residues not neccessary but can be cleaned if required


Flux: RA300 Rosin flux. Classification: ROM1
Flux core content 2.2%
Gauge: 0.81mm (0.032") Std wire gauge: 21
Alloy: Lead 93.5% Tin 5.0% Silver 1.5%
Melting Range: 296 - 301°C
Residue removal: Not required. Use Qualitek Everkleen Saponifier if required

Export Terms (Non-EU)

We dispatch Solder Wire to many Countries in the World where these specific Export Instructions are applicable.
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This product is supplied under the following terms:

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Import Clearance and Import Duties to be paid by the Buyer
Commodity Trade Tariff Code: 8311 3000

Safety Data Sheet CLP

Safety Data Sheet

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