ESD garment test kit

Test kit parts to measure resistance of ESD clothing material


Test kit parts to measure resistance of ESD clothing material


A handy test kit to ensure ESD clothing after cleaning fall within the dissipative resistance specification of the material.

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ESD garment test kit

Product Description

ESD clothing has within the material a mono-filament carbon content usually seen as a grid within the knitted or woven fabric.This carbon can vary depending on the material specification and also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Manufacturers will generally quote a washing cycle life of a garment but importantly this will always be specified by Industrial washing companies that know the correct washing method and testing. Whether washing is conducted on an industrial level or not, Somerset Solders will supply the recommended cleaning method but we strongly recommend periodic testing of your ESD clothing. This will confirm that they are still performing within the resistance limits of ESD standards and verify that the ESD garment is still meeting the product integrity. 

Our ESD clothing test kit contains:

ESD resistivity meter 

Garment clamps (Pair)

Meter to clamp leads (Pair)

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