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ESD Gloves with coated palmsESD Gloves with coated palms
ESD Gloves with coated palms

ESD gloves for general use with PU coated fingers and palms for added grip when handling electronic parts

  • Small£2.75
  • Medium£2.75
  • Large£2.75
  • Extra Large£2.75
£2.75 ex VAT(£3.30 inc VAT)
Fingertip Coated ESD Gloves
Fingertip Coated ESD Gloves

ESD gloves coated fingertips and elasticated wrists. For use within static controlled areas.

  • Small£2.65
  • Medium£2.65
  • Large£2.65
  • Extra Large£2.65
£2.65 ex VAT(£3.18 inc VAT)

Plain Knitted ESD Gloves
Plain Knitted ESD Gloves

ESD gloves for general use in ESD areas for the handling of electronic parts

  • Small£2.50
  • Medium£2.50
  • Large£2.50
  • Extra Large£2.50
£2.50 ex VAT(£3.00 inc VAT)