Fristads Environmental Green Clothing

Fristads Environmental Green Clothing

Fristads Green and Environment Product Declaration. 
Though Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are used in many other product areas, Fristads have made the World's first EPDs for clothing and have developed a new standard for measuring the environmental impact effect of a garment, in both the materials and method of manufacturing.

Fristads have taken the four key areas of Materials, Construction, Production and Delivery and have produced a range of workwear meeting the requirements of the International EPD System. This declaration provides information regarding environmental performance, contents and recycling.  

ZERO WASTE - Fristads reuse all waste material from their production lines and all surplus material is utilised on-site.

PACKING & SHIPPING - Avoiding the use of plastic bags the garments are folded in a way to make packing more effective. Fristads ship their workwear by sea and road so less impact on the environment than air.

WATER CONSUMPTION - By using a waterless colouring system this reduces water consumption by 75% compared to traditional dyeing. Colouring the raw material prior to it becoming yarn reduces water compared to traditional yarn dyeing methods. 

Fristads Green Workwear

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