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IPA Stencil Kwik Wipes Tub
IPA Stencil Kwik Wipes Tub

A stencil cleaning wipe in a convenient dispensing tub. Lint free so no fibre particles attaching to stencil apertures.

  • Pre-soaked with IPA solvent
  • 100 wipes per tub
  • 70% IPA and 30% Deionised water pre-saturated wipes


$16.82 ex VAT($20.18 inc VAT)
Qualitek IPA Wipes Pack
Qualitek IPA Wipes Pack

A handy pack of IPA solvent wipes for cleaning of solder paste from stencils and tools.

  • Convenient pack size
  • Easy method of dispensing
  • Isopropanol (Propan-2-ol) solvent used
$8.68 ex VAT($10.42 inc VAT)

Qualitek Stencil Cleaner
Qualitek Stencil Cleaner

For a thorough, fast drying stencil cleaner in a handy 500ml bottle use Qualitek SK11.

$8.38 ex VAT($10.06 inc VAT)