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Teknek Large ESD Contact Roller Cleaner

Teknek 12" static dissipative roller with tacky pads

Teknek 12" static dissipative roller with tacky pads


Ideal low static cleaning product for removing particles from printed circuit boards and SMT stencils. A comprehensive cleaning process maintaining static levels below 100 volts.

  • Use the Teknek tacky pads, 50 sheets per pad
  • Conductive handle with dissipative roller
  • Manufactured in the UK

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Product: 305mm roller

150mm roller305mm rollerAdhesive pads
£198.45 ex VAT(£238.14 inc VAT)
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305mm contact cleaning roller

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Product Description

It is surprising what effect hair and dust particles on a printed circuit board have during the solder paste printing process. Cleaning the board prior to paste printing ensures no contaminates affecting the solder deposit and so ensuring excellent results. Cleaning the stencil itself also prevents any particles affecting the ever-decreasing stencil apertures and size of the solder paste deposit.

This 305mm (12") roller is the largest of two available and is manufactured with a static dissipative roller and a conductive handle. Use with the Teknek A4 tacky pads with conductive adhesive as part of the low static cleaning system. Maintain the hand roller with the Teknek Tekwipes. 

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