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Techspray ESD coating Licron Crystal

£39.12 £32.60
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MPN: 1756-8S

A spray on static dissipative coating for insulative materials such as picking bins, trolleys, tools and other surfaces.

  • Easy to apply coating
  • Produces a dissipative coating on insulative plastics
  • Connect a grounding cord if required

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Shipment of Liquid

Techsprays 1756 Licron Crystal™ coating is an easy to apply spray-on product that creates a permanent static dissipative coating. Another innovative concept product from Techspray it can be applied to metals, glass, plastics and most other surfaces. A thin single pass application produces a permanent surface resistivity of between 1 x 10(6) and 10(9) ohms. As long as the coat is smooth and even, the finish is absolutely clear and glossy and a grounding wire can then be attached.

Crystal clear permanently static dissipative surface

Resistivity not effected by humidity

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

Tough coating produced


More Information
Collect in StoreNo

Before Spray Appearance: Dark Blue liquid
After spray Appearance: Clear (apply thin and even)
Odor: Alcohol
Flash point: 22.2°C
Boiling point: 80°C
Surface resisitvity: 1 x 10(6) and 10(9) ohms

Coverage: (Guide line information from Techspray)

What coverage area can I expect?
For aerosol (1756-8S), 2 light coats will cover ~ 2.5 sq meters (27 sq ft)/can. One light coat will give you about twice that.
For bulk (1756-G), a 1-mil wet coat will yield ~ 972 sq ft/gallon. Note that a 1-mil wet coat ends up at ~ 0.1 mil thick cured coat.



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