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No Clean Desolder Braid 1.4mm

Techspray 1.4mm desolder braid

Techspray 1.4mm desolder braid

MPN: 1821-5F

A no clean desolder braid, also known as solder wick, in a 1.4mm gauge and 1.5 metre length.

  • An Antistatic bobbin  
  • Colour coded Yellow bobbin
  • Techspray braid removes up to 4 times more solder

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Width: 1.4mm

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No Clean Desolder Braid 1.4mm

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Product Description

Techspray's No Clean Flux Desoldering Braid is an advanced braid designed for fast capillary action and leaving no ionic flux residue. Techspray solder wick ensures fast and reliable action and the result of a multi-stage manufacturing process. The copper braid is cleaned removing all oxides before the flux is added giving superior wicking.

Cleanest solder wick available

Copper braid gauges from 0.9mm to 4.9mm

Antistatic spools

The best solder braid for lead-free solders


Colour Code

#1 White 1820-5F    0.9mm
#2 Yellow 1821-5F  1.4mm
#3 Green 1822-5F   1.9mm
#4 Blue 1823-5F     2.5mm
#5 Brown 1824-5F  3.3mm
#6 Red 1825-5F      4.9mm

Meets standards:

Length: 5 feet (tolerance +/- 2")
Bobbin material resistance: 10(5) - 10(11) ohms






Do you have any recommendations for what size of solder braid to use?

Ideally the width of the solder braid you use should match the width of the pad or the solder ball. If the braid is too wide then it will require an increase in heating time and so slow the wicking process action. If it is too narrow then more applications are required to totally remove the solder. As illustrated above there are different ways of cutting or folding the copper braid to suit the pad on the PCB.


Somerset Tools

From Soldering Irons, Stations and Rework Equipment to Cutters and PCB Depanel tools. Fume Extraction units stocked.

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