Licron Crystal permanent ESD Coating

Techspray 1756 ESD Spray


Techspray 1756 ESD Spray

Item: ESD233

MPN: 1756-8S

A spray on static dissipative coating for insulative materials such as picking bins, trolleys, tools and other surfaces.

Convert standard picking bins to conductive ones.

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Licron Crystal permanent ESD Coating

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Product Description

Techsprays 1756 Licron Crystal™ coating is an easy to apply spray-on product that creates a permanent static dissipative coating. Another innovative concept product from Techspray it can be applied to metals, glass, plastics and most other surfaces. A thin single pass application produces a permanent surface resistivity of between 1 x 10(6) and 10(9) ohms. As long as the coat is smooth and even, the finish is absolutely clear and glossy and a grounding wire can then be attached.

Crystal clear permanently static dissipative surface

Resistivity not effected by humidity

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

Tough coating produced



Before Spray Appearance: Dark Blue liquid
After spray Appearance: Clear (apply thin and even)
Odor: Alcohol
Flash point: 22.2°C
Boiling point: 80°C
Surface resisitvity: 1 x 10(6) and 10(9) ohms

Coverage: (Guide line information from Techspray)

What coverage area can I expect?
For aerosol (1756-8S), 2 light coats will cover ~ 2.5 sq meters (27 sq ft)/can. One light coat will give you about twice that.
For bulk (1756-G), a 1-mil wet coat will yield ~ 972 sq ft/gallon. Note that a 1-mil wet coat ends up at ~ 0.1 mil thick cured coat.



Safety Data Sheet CLP

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