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Conductive Desolder PumpConductive Desolder Pump
Conductive Desolder Pump

For easy removal of solder from component joints.

  • Strong spring action and plunger
  • Easy change conductive tip
  • Light but strong aluminium casing.
  • Spare Tip$8.25
  • Desolder Pump$12.35
from $11.26 ex VAT($13.51 inc VAT)
Piergiacomi ESD Desoldering PumpPiergiacomi ESD Desoldering Pump
Piergiacomi ESD Desoldering Pump

From Piergiacomi this conductive desoldering tool easily removes residual solder in PCB reworking.

  • Spare Tip$2.95
  • Desolder Pump$11.50
from $4.03 ex VAT($4.84 inc VAT)