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Techspray ESD coatingTechspray ESD coating
Techspray ESD coating

A spray on static dissipative coating for insulative materials such as picking bins, trolleys, tools and other surfaces. Spray on to plastic screens to give a static conductive surface to dissipate the charge to ground.

  • Easy to apply a coating
  • Produces a dissipative coating on insulative plastics
  • Connect a grounding cord if required
$47.90 ex VAT($57.48 inc VAT)
Staticide Anti-static spray for fabrics
Staticide Anti-static spray for fabrics

An effective anti-static spray that is safe to use on carpets, clothing and fabrics. Also prevents dust attraction.

  • Can be wiped on, sprayed or dipped 
  • Does not stain and safe to use
  • Decays static in less than 2 seconds
$25.39 ex VAT($30.47 inc VAT)

Staticide ESD Bench Mat Cleaner 940ml
Staticide ESD Bench Mat Cleaner 940ml

Staticide liquid cleaner for rejuvenating ESD bench matting and ESD worktops. Effective on floor mats and vinyl chair coverings.

  • Leaves a streak-free static dissipative surface
  • Non-abrasive cleaner removing dirt and grime 
  • 940ml bottle supplied with a spray nozzle
$20.51 ex VAT($24.61 inc VAT)
Anti Static Spray for plastics 500ml
Anti Static Spray for plastics 500ml

Helps prevent a static charge on insulative materials on plastics and hard floors.

  • Leaves a thin dissipative layer to prevent static build-up
  • Easy application
  • Water-based and non-staining
$12.66 ex VAT($15.19 inc VAT)

ESD Floor Cleaner
ESD Floor Cleaner

The Killstat floor cleaning solution is a ready-to-use product that will remove dirt and grime from ESD flooring so helping static dissipation. 

  • Will cover approximately 100 sq metres
  • Use on vinyl or rubber
  • No streaks left 
$51.25 ex VAT($61.50 inc VAT)