ESD Field Service Kits

ESD Field Service Kit


ESD Field Service Kit


A portable ESD workstation for use when out on site. Compact carry case. 

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A Field Service Kit is ideal for use by Service Engineers working on site and must have static preventative measures in place before handling static sensitive devices. The Field Service Kit comes as a clip flapped pouch with contents of an ESD work surface mat, adjustable fabric wrist strap, coiled grounding cord and straight universal connector grounding cord. Connection to ground can be by the straight cord with crocodile clip or alternatively by purchasing an ESD bonding plug.

Easy to carry Wallet

Available in Red or Blue

3 layer ESD work surface mat


Field Service Kit  - Wallet contents
Foldable ESD dissipative 3 layer mat
Adjustable woven fabric wrist strap (with 10mm stud)
3.6 metre Coiled Cord (with 10mm snap to 4mm jack plug)
4.5 metre straight ground cord (universal connector option**)

** 4mm jack (crocodile clip) to a 10mm snap and 2 x banana sockets

ESD matting Electrical Properties:
Dissipative surface layers: 1 x 10(7)  - 1 x 10(9) ohms/sq
Conductive inner layer: 1 x 10(3) - 1 x 10(4) ohms/sq



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