Electrostatic Field Meter

AE-770 for measuring electrostatic fields


AE-770 for measuring electrostatic fields

Item: ESD1199

MPN: AE-770

Locate and measure static charge build-up with the AE-770 and check performance of ionizers.

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Electrostatic Field Meter

Product Description

This palm sized measuring device is ideal for measuring static generated voltages on parts and assembly lines and also for checking ion balance performance of ionizers. The AE-770 has a built in sensor for determining electrostatic charge levels and with 'Focus-ring' LEDs can show the correct measuring distance. Four colour coded buttons allow switching between measurement modes. 'Static charge measurement mode' (Standard mode) is used for detecting a static charge and the AE-770 is calibrated for the voltage range of 0 to +/- 20kV. 'Ion balance measuring mode' is used to check the performance of ionzers and to measure low voltages up to 200V. Powered by a 9V battery (Supplied)

With a large LCD display (Digital and bar graph)

Supplied with a protective ABS case

Calibration certificate supplied

CE and RoHS compliant


Measuring range
Static voltage measuring range (Low range): +/- 0 to +/- 1.49 kV 
Static voltage measuring range (High range): +/- 1.0 to +/- 20.0 kV
Ion balance voltage measuring range: 0 to +/- 200V

Measuring distance: 25mm +/- 0.5mm (between charged object and AE-770 meter)
Accuracy: +/-10%
Ambient conditions: 10°C - 40°C, 68% RH or lower

Display: Large LCD display
Power: 9V battery (supplied)
Weight: 140g (without Ion balance plate), 170g with Ion balance plate

Supplied with:
Conductive resin (ABS) outer case
Soft zip case
Charge plate for Ion balance measurement
Ground cord

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