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CircuitWorks Nickel Conductive Pen

CircuitWorks CW2000 conductive pen

CircuitWorks CW2000 conductive pen

MPN: CW2000

Apply a conductive ink for instant new tracks on prototype PCBs or repairs on production boards. 

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CircuitWorks Nickel Conductive Pen

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Product Description

The CW2000 is a conductive nickel based ink for the repairing and reworking of printed circuit boards. For PCB designers producing prototype board with a need to add additional tracks and jumpers, the Nickel Conductive Pen produces traces that dry in minutes at room temperature with excellent adhesion. 

Fast drying with excellent adhesion properties

Low cost compared to Silver conductive pens

Produces quick prototypes modifications and repairs

Good electrical and thermal conductivity

Customer Reviews

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"Very good product it does what you were asking with superior quality"
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Method of application
Remove lid and squeeze pen while pressing nib on PCB surface

CW2000 dries in 15 - 20 minutes at room temperature. A heat cure of 80 - 100°C for 10 - 15 minutes will maximize conductivity, durablility and chemical resistance 

Product information
Material: Nickel Filled Polymer
Colour: Dark grey
Pen contents: 9g (0.32 oz.)
RoHS compliant

Safety Data Sheet CLP

Safety Data Sheet


Should the CircuitWorks CW2000 nickel pen be heat cured?

The CW2000 conductive pen will be tack-free in about 15 - 20 minutes. It has electrical conductivity properties after 30 minutes and full conductivity after 24 hours at room temperatue. With a heat cure stoving of around 80 - 100°C will allow the ink to be fully conductive, durable and chemical resistant quicker.

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CircuitWorks Nickel Conductive PenCircuitWorks Nickel Conductive Pen