Blowpipe Tin Lead Solder Grade G

Tin Lead solder alloy Grade G


Tin Lead solder alloy Grade G

Item: SB042+

MPN: Alloy 5

Excellent alloy for soldering zinc. Also copper pipe solder connections in plumbing systems. Available in various pack sizes.

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Product Description

Solder Alloy 5 (to BS29453) and commonly called Grade G (to BS219) this Tin 40% Lead 60% alloy solder is generally used for copper pipe soldering and is an excellent alloy for soldering zinc. With a melting range of 183°C to 238°C.

Manufactured from high grade materials

Available in small quantity packs

Approximately 9 rods per 500g*

Blowpipe rod length 565 x 5mm (approx.)


Alloy: Tin 40% Lead 60% 
Melting range: 183 - 238°C
Density: 9.28 g/cm3
Tensile strength at break (Kgf/cm2): 380
Tensile elongation at break: 25%
Brinell hardness (HB): 12 
Blowpipe rod length 565 x 5mm (approx.)

* Please note: Our blowpipe sticks are produced by hand pouring so the quantity of sticks may vary. We supply by weight.


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