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Quick 854 Infrared Preheater
Quick 854 Infrared Preheater

Rapid heating infrared preheater from Quick Soldering Equipment. With a ceramic plate area of 130 x 130mm

£270.00 ex VAT(£324.00 inc VAT)
Pre-heat and Reflow Hot PlatePre-heat and Reflow Hot Plate
Pre-heat and Reflow Hot Plate

A pre-heat hot plate or mini reflow oven. Simply move the hinged hood for one or the other!

  • Dual purpose equipment 
  • Reflow small SMT PCB assemblies
  • Hot plate temperature from 50°C to 300°C
£339.90 ex VAT(£407.88 inc VAT)

Quick 860DA SMD Rework Station
Quick 860DA SMD Rework Station

A hot air rework station with a light pencil style hand piece. 

  • Gentle air flow at 0.3-6.8 litres/min
  • 6 small nozzles supplied
  • Ideal for small component removal and delicate rework
£162.50 ex VAT(£195.00 inc VAT)
Quick 861DA Hot air rework stationQuick 861DA Hot air rework station
Quick 861DA Hot air rework station

A hot air desoldering rework station for removing SMD and PTH components. 

  • Three angled nozzles supplied
  • Three programmable channels setting temperature and air flow
  • Another excellent product from Quick
£257.50 ex VAT(£309.00 inc VAT)

AT8502D Hot Air Rework and Soldering StationAT8502D Hot Air Rework and Soldering Station
AT8502D Hot Air Rework and Soldering Station

A 2 in 1 LCD Digital rework station. Hot air gun for desoldering and soldering iron. Four nozzles supplied.

£184.95 ex VAT(£221.94 inc VAT)
Techspray No Clean Desolder BraidTechspray No Clean Desolder Braid
Techspray No Clean Desolder Braid

Techspray's braid for maximum capillary action absorbing molten solder quickly and cleanly. Six sizes available on 5 feet antistatic bobbins.

  • 0.9mm£1.95
  • 1.4mm£2.20
  • 1.9mm£2.35
  • 2.5mm£2.45
  • 3.3mm£2.55
  • 4.9mm£2.65
from £1.95 ex VAT(£2.34 inc VAT)

No Clean Flux Rework PenNo Clean Flux Rework Pen
No Clean Flux Rework Pen

Make rework easier with a flux pen. Easy dispense flux on to the solder joint.

£4.35 ex VAT(£5.22 inc VAT)
Water Soluble Flux Rework Pen
Water Soluble Flux Rework Pen

A pen style dispenser for the easy application of a water soluble flux for component and solder joint reworking. 

£4.35 ex VAT(£5.22 inc VAT)

RMA Flux Rework Pen
RMA Flux Rework Pen

A pen style dispenser for the easy application of an active rosin based flux for circuit board rework. 

£4.35 ex VAT(£5.22 inc VAT)
CircuitWorks Nickel Conductive PenCircuitWorks Nickel Conductive Pen
CircuitWorks Nickel Conductive Pen

Apply a conductive ink for instant new tracks on prototype PCBs or repairs on production boards. 

£10.35 ex VAT(£12.42 inc VAT)

Conductive Desolder PumpConductive Desolder Pump
Conductive Desolder Pump

For easy removal of solder from component joints.

  • Strong spring action and plunger
  • Easy change conductive tip
  • Light but strong aluminium casing.
  • Spare Tip£8.25
  • Desolder Pump£12.35
from £8.25 ex VAT(£9.90 inc VAT)
Piergiacomi ESD Desoldering PumpPiergiacomi ESD Desoldering Pump
Piergiacomi ESD Desoldering Pump

From Piergiacomi this conductive desoldering tool easily removes residual solder in PCB reworking.

  • Spare Tip£2.95
  • Desolder Pump£11.50
from £2.95 ex VAT(£3.54 inc VAT)