Welcoming Somerset Solders Newest Staff Member Caira Day

Welcoming Somerset Solders Newest Staff Member Caira Day


Here at Somerset Solders we are always looking at ways to innovate and develop. With the growing demand for the development of our new brand Somerset Workwear, we were on the search to find a new team member to invest into establishing this new and exciting sector of the business.

We sat down for a cup of tea with our new joint director Caira to ask her a few questions about her new position in the Company.

Q. What makes Somerset Solders different from other places you’ve worked?

Well, first of all, the biggest difference from previous jobs is working alongside my husband! This is defiantly a new exciting chapter in our lives.
The second thing would be becoming an Owner/Director, it’s a very different feeling when you are working in your own business. I have seen this company grow from its beginnings but it’s now a real pleasure to be investing my time into it.

Q. What advice would you give to your younger self?

I think the main message I would give myself and what I try to instil into my children is staying confident and always aim for your goals because if you tell yourself you can do it, you will.

Q. What is your secret to making progress each day?

Lists, lists and more lists! Help yourself be organised by writing everything you need to do for that day into a list, that way you can stay on track and be accountable.

Be positive and put the work in. I know it might sound cliché, but hard work always does pay off.

Treat every enquiry with the same care and respond. If someone has taken the time to send an enquiry to me, I make sure I respond because it is important to value all our customers.

Q. What quality will you bring to the company to increase its success?

I think my hard-work ethic and knowledge gained from previous experiences working in other sectors will help support and grow the business.

My respect for others and kindness towards them, I am also good at staying calm. I think I can bring a bit of humour to the office, oh and I am great at multi-tasking which is key in a role like mine.

Q. What are you most looking forward to working on for Somerset Workwear?

I am looking forward to promoting good quality, comfortable and durable clothing that is fit for purpose and I am proud of selling. I am also looking forward to supporting industries and meeting customer’s needs.

Q. How would you describe yourself to customers who haven’t met you yet?

I’m approachable and friendly and I always strive to give excellent customer service. I will always try to meet demand and source the garments that meets your needs. I’m here to support your business so I will always try to go above and beyond for you.

If you have a question related to workwear please don’t hesitate in emailing Caira on caira@somersetworkwear.com or call on 01761 233230.

Posted by Mark Day
22nd May 2020

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