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Antistatic spray for clothes, carpets and fabrics

Antistatic 500ml spray for clothing, carpets and other fabrics

Antistatic 500ml spray for clothing, carpets and other fabrics


Use Killstat Antistatic Heavy Duty Spray on fabric materials. Prevents static on clothing, carpets and upholstery.

  • Can be wiped on, sprayed or dipped 
  • Does not stain and safe to use
  • Easy to apply

Note: Currently not available for delivery to Europe Zone 3, Europe Zone 4, Europe Zone 5, Europe Zone 6, Guernsey, Jersey and Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong, Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand & USA.

Brand: Killstat

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500ml Spray
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4.54 litre drum

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Product Description

We have all experienced the painful effects of static. Walking across a carpet, touching a surface and feeling the static discharge; pulling off a jumper on a cold crisp day and hearing the static crackle. We recommend the use of the Killstat KSH Antistatic spray to help prevent the static problem. Developed for the use on fabrics, it can be applied to clothing, carpets, chair fabrics and any porous material.

Does not stain fabrics

Handy spray bottle and large quantity drum available

Easy to apply by spray or wiping on

Eliminates static effect on fabric effectively

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The Anti Static sprays are water based and once dried will leave an ultra thin static-dissipative layer which prevents the build up of any static charges.

1 litre will cover approximately 20 square metres.

Static decay rate: less than 1 second
Surface resistance after spraying: 1 x 10(9) ohms
Solution: Water based, Non Flammable
pH: 7 - 8
Odor: Pleasant
Irritation: None
Toxicity: None

Shelf life: 2 years






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Antistatic spray for clothes, carpets and fabricsAntistatic spray for clothes, carpets and fabrics