About Us

Welcome to our website. We hope from the products and information shown throughout this site that you discover the type of business Somerset Solders Ltd is. You may initially think that we are purely a website based distributor but we are much more than that. We supply to leading manufacturing companies in the field of Electronics, whether at the full production assembly phase or product development.

We strive to offer quality products and sensible pricing combined with a customer service that is here to support and build on the relationship between you the customer and us your supplier. As an ISO 9001:2015 company we work to a high standard of quality control to give you peace of mind that your decision to use us is the right one. 

Who are Somerset Solders Ltd? 

Packing an ESD polo shirts order
Customer service and order processing

A Brief History...........

We have been supplying solders and tools to the electronics industry since 1993. Well time does fly and many things have changed over those years both with the electronics industry and for Somerset Solders. Back in the early 1990's the Company began trading as MR Technical Services supplying UK businesses with a range of tin lead solder wires, solder bars and fluxes. With the emergence of Surface Mount Technology and subsquent process changes within printed circuit board assembly, MR Technical Services became a key supplier of quality solder pastes. 

Over the following years MR Technical Services expanded its product portfolio and by 2011, when the trading name had changed to Somerset Solders Ltd, had become a major distributor of electronic assembly consumables and tools. Somerset Solders now offers an extensive range of products from leading World manufacturers. Qualitek - solders and fluxes, Transition Automation - Metal squeegees, Piergiacomi - hand tools, American Beauty - industrial soldering irons, Abeba - ESD shoes, BOFA - fume extraction, are just some of the Companies that are proudly represented.

Somerset Solders with our ESD brand Somerset ESD supplies the best ESD Clothing range in the UK. ESD lab coats and ESD lab jackets in 14 different colours, ESD fleeces and sweatshirts, ESD polo shirts and T-shirts, and not forgetting ESD trousers are available.


So why use Somerset Solders Ltd?

We all at some point nowadays will purchase on line so we have deliberately set out to show with images, text and videos the information you need to be able to see that a product is right for you. Mind you, if we sat back and said to ourselves that this is enough to receive your order then we would be complacent! So we aim to ensure we support you with:

  • Great customer care
  • Very attractive prices
  • And good deliveries

And if you do have a problem? Well we will resolve that problem quickly and efficiently as our ultimate goal is to see you come back to us. We don't get everything right but be assured that we'll do our very best to ensure that you get the very best service.

Opening an account with Somerset Solders?

We are not just a web based business and offer attractive trading terms for Companies wishing to procure through their purchasing system. We can send you a credit application form and very quickly process it to have a credit facility in place. 


So we hope this gives an indication of who we are and what we can offer. There are many ways of contacting us so if you require any further information then we would be happy to hear from you.