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300W Industrial Soldering Iron

American Beauty 300W soldering iron

American Beauty 300W soldering iron

MPN: AB3178-220-300

The American Beauty powerful 300W 3178 220V soldering iron comes equipped with a 22.2mm solder bit. 

  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 538°C
  • Very large tip for heavy gauge metal soldering
  • Ideal for fabrication seam soldering of sheet metal

Supplied with a chisel tip.

Wattage: 300W 220V

300w 220vDiamond TipChisel Tip300w 110v
$288.98 ex VAT($278.04 inc VAT)
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300W Industrial Soldering Iron

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Product Description

The American Beauty 3178 300W industrial soldering iron has been designed with the capability of handling Steel up to 1.5mm thick, Brass up to 1.0mm thick and Copper up to 1.0mm thick. Reaching a maximum tip temperature of 538° C, the AB3178 is fitted with a Nickel Chrome wound element for reliability, comfortable handle and comes supplied with a multi-plated 22.2mm chisel shaped tip.

300W rating and solder bit diameter of 22.2mm

Easy replacement solder bits and elements

Supplied with soldering iron stand

Ni-Chrome Compression Wound Heating Element


Customer Reviews

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"Very pleased with the Item, American Beauty 300W Soldering Iron. I am happy there seems to be good support from the Manufacturer in the way of Spare Parts, (I have not required any but this is a good thing, just in case). I do use the Set more like a "Station" at times rather than taking the Set to the Conductors I will set it up as a Stationary "Station" and bring smaller conductors to it - works fine in this mode. Thanks all for your help and support."
Star Rating 5


Rating: 300 Watts
Voltage: 110V and 220V
Bit diameter: 22.2mm
Bit length: 131mm
Maximum tip temperature: 538°C
Product length: 365mm
Product weight: 1.59 kg


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