ESD Clothing

The importance of ESD clothing in ESD protected areas (EPA)
Non ESD personal clothing worn in areas of high static sensitivity give rise to a high probability of static discharge. Clothing manufactured from synthetic fibres are charge generators and the fabric being an insulator offers no way to be grounded. The sleeves for example may have thousands of volts that can induce charges on isolated conductors. ESD lab coats and jackets provide a Faraday effect shielding any personal insulative and charged clothing so allowing the generated body charge to be dissipated by ESD wrist straps, heel straps or ESD Shoes.   

Somerset ESD 
We may not automatically be associated with ESD garments when we have ‘Solders’ in our name but we are becoming the leading UK supplier and stockist of a wide range of ESD clothing for the electronics industry. You will find other companies that will supply ESD lab coats and jackets in white and royal blue but we have clothing in 14 different colours.

We have ESD polo shirts in 4 different colours and available in both short and long sleeves. ESD T-shirts for wearing through the summer and sweatshirts and fleeces for when warmer ESD garments are required. We also now stock ESD Hi-Vis clothing for health and safety situations that require a visible presence.   

We offer sale or return samples and competitive prices. With our new premises, we are aiming to stock more and more ESD garments so that we can offer a quick ship service. Also, not forgetting our excellent embroidery service that gives your garments that customized look with your company logo and staff names if required.