Automatic Dispensing Controller

Fisnar JB1113N dispensing system


Fisnar JB1113N dispensing system

Item: D012

MPN: JB1113N

Fisnar JB1113N time & pressure dispenser making dispensing so much easier. For microdot deposits to large potting and filling.


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Product Description

The Fisnar JB1113N analogue timer dispensing controller is designed to dispense most liquids:

  • Solder pastes or fluxes
  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Encapsulants
  • Temporary masks

Included with the main dispensing controller are the following:

220V / 250V Power cord
Foot pedal
Barrel stand
30cc barrel adapter
10cc barrel adapter
Air input line
Accessories kit including barrels, PE pistons, Tip caps and a variety of needles.

With the JB1113N dispenser you can deposit dots, lines and beads, potting and filling and from microdot size to much larger deposits. And all controlled by a foot pedal. The vacuum suck back function prevents low and medium viscosity materials from dripping at the end of the dispense cycle. Don't forget the needles. Internal diameter (gauge), needle type and length determine the size of the deposit and also goverened by the type, nature and viscosity of the material being dispensed. Needle type and size is often best selected by trial and error.


Size: 220 x 210 x 67mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1 kg
Input voltage: 100- 240VAC
Dispense Time: 0.01 - 31 seconds
Internal voltage: 24VDC
Cycle initiation: Maintained or Momentary
Cycle speed: 600+ / minute
Air Input: 70 - 100psi (5 - 7 bar)
Air Output: 1 - 100psi (0.1 - 7 bar)
Standards: European CE approved, RoHS compliant
Barrel 'Suck-Back' Feature

Time and Pressure Dispensing - The Benefits

What is time / pressure dispensing?
Time / presure dispensing allows the deposit of liquid and pastes to be applied by a dispensing controller. The controller applies a pulse of air pressure to the top of the syringe barrel which forces the liquid inside the syringe out through a needle or nozzle.

Is this a better way to dispense than hand syringes or other manual methods?
By using a controlled method of dispensing rather than by hand will ensure a greater degree of accuracy, better repeatability, be faster, less waste product and less mess. Operators will also reduce the risk of repetative strain injury and less exposure to hazardous chemicals.

What effects the deposit size?
The amount of liquid or paste dispensed is controlled by the parameters that can be adjusted with the controller.

  • The pressure of the pulse of air
  • The time of the pulse of air
  • The gauge (internal diameter) of the needle fitted to the end of the syringe.

The one thing that can't be controlled is the dispensing material viscosity and thixotropy.

Anything else needed?
The JB1113N comes ready to use but you will need a close by electricitiy socket and a source of clean, dry compressed air. 

Happy Dispensing!


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